Sunday, May 27, 2012


Well, I'm finally here in Riverview! I can't believe the size of this house! Oh my gosh I bet I could have the best parties this town has ever seen!

Rowan Evander stood outside her house for the first time, excitedly thinking about what her new life would be like. How she dreamed to be a top-dog business woman, but with a social life that even Katy Perry would emulate! She imagined how men would flock to her, and then she could have as big a family as she'd always wanted! Fame, Freedom-
Hey! What's the big idea? *Looks around for hidden camera* Who's there? This isn't funny, I've heard about pranks like this before, and if you want to stalk someone it had better not be me!
You can hear me?
Duh! I'm not deaf! Try toning it down a little!
Erm... Ah, sorry... Riight then... This is weird. I was not expecting this. Ok so I guess I should explain this to you...You're a sim in a world I control (sorta) and I'm attempting a 100 baby challenge-
You're crazy.
-which means that you have to have 100 kids from 100 different fathers (except, of course, in case of multiples)-
What the heck is a sim anyways?
-and I just thought I should let you know that according to what I've observed, no one else can hear me but you, so try not to stand outside arguing with me too much 'cuz the neighbors will think you're insane.... Maybe this would be easier if I introduced you to Alessi...
Introduced me to who? Look, Miss Whoeveryouare, get your equipment out of my yard or I'm calling the cops.
My name is Maddy and I'd appreciate it if you listened to what I have to say. This shouldn't be too hard on you; you wanted a big family anyways! And a sim is what you are :P You know what? Just forget I mentioned that part.
*Glares* Imma call you Host-Lady.

Well kids would be nice...
Would it make you feel better if you got a job first? You don't have to accept this as the truth right away I guess-
Nope I believe you! *Huge smile* Ladedadedaa... *Skips into town*
Honestly, it's so strange how they never question this for more than a couple minutes... O.o

*              *             *

*Jumps* DON'T DO THAT!
What? *Innocent face* (Oh wait... You can't see me...) Whatcha doin'?
-.- I can see that, but what are you reading? AND DON'T SAY "A BOOK"!
Fine. Words.
*Looks over shoulder* Ohhh it's a charisma book XD Ha! I thought you were a 'positive, good-humored extrovert'?
I am.
But obviously not one of many words. *Sigh* Okay, you need to be charismatic to find good fathers, right? So continue reading and I'll just twiddle my thumbs until you're done :) How long can this take, anyways?

O.O It's been like ten hours! PUT DOWN THE BOOK!
Host-Lady, if you want me to complete this challenge-thingy, then we have a lot of reading ahead of us, now don't we?
Just get home. Right now. We will talk about this later young lady!
Pssh ya ok! X)
How many people did you meet today anyways? I'd like to know who we have in the running :)
Well, I met my boss.
That's it? Is he a guy at least? Maybe you could earn a promotion this way ;)
Nope. Her name's Fatima Simovitch. She's really nice! I think you'll like her.
D'aww your first fwiend!

Ya all that reading is really stressing me out! It's all "laugh at this" and "ask them that".
That would be called socializing. Was I wrong when I thought you were a party person?
No! I just... don't know... howtobefriendly ok!?
*Hugs* You'll learn! Just keep reading! (As long as I don't have to be around for it.)

Statistically speaking, I can only get better :)
Sleep is good too, ya know.
 *                *                *

I know what I'm gonna do today!
What's that?
Find my first baby daddy!
Are you sure? Isn't that moving kinda fast?
No I won't be young forever let's go!
*               *              *

How was your first day of work? Meet anyone?

Tiring... And surprisingly, no. Not a soul. I even tried talking to my co-workers! I'm planning on taking a walk around town though.
Great! So I'm guessing you haven't heard then?
Heard what?
Geez I guess with no friends there's no way to hear gossip-
-Anyways since I forgot to check to see if you had to pay any bills, the repowoman came and took a bunch of your stuff. Don't worry! I replaced it all! She was really creepy though...

I was glad to see her go!
O.O I had a thief in my home!
Technically she wasn't a-
YES, SHE WAS A THIEF! Now I've got to go home and make sure everything's all right... *grumbles*
What? You don't trust me then? I told you everything's fine!
It's not you, it's... No, actually it is you.

 I take it everything is as you left it?
Ya! Wasn't a very good thief if you ask me.
I didn't. And I told you I fixed everything!

...Not feeling very good X.X
You really shouldn't do your own cooking. You've never been any good at it.

Oh, that's what you meant. You haven't slept enough so I probably should have seen this coming...

Stupid Z's! Get out of here!
I don't think they can hear you...
Ask me if I care.
Do you care?
Yes! *Sobs*
Aw, c'mon you're just tired *pushes towards the bed*

*Small voice* I'll... find someone... in the morning...


  1. Haha, awesome!!! Thanks for giving Alessi a shout out too!!! :-D You should stick her in your challenge! You have her downloaded, don't you? (And maybe i'll snag Rowan, too. Once I get back to writing again).
    And since I'm your editor, I'm supposed to find mistakes and stuff, and maybe add some snippets, but it looks good to me ^.^ Great start!!! Have you considered linking it on the forum?

    1. Ya I have Alessi :) Do yo want me to upload this Rowan? I edited her from the original a little bit. (Just her assets and weight, besides her clothing and hair I think). I probably should link it to the forum, cuz I don't have this linked to my blogger account so the only way to find it is thru the URL.

    2. Well which ever you want... It doesnt really matter. Idk how long it's going to take to get my laptop back!!! :-P And I can show you how to put it on the forum if want :-)

  2. 'Stupid Z's! Get out of here!' = Best part :D The photo is priceless. Keep up the witty work :P

    1. Lol! Thanks! I just loved that pic! XD